Choosing who you ask for advice is an important decision. If you’re looking for advice on your career and your business, it’s even more important. To get the best results, you’ll want to choose an adviser who understands your profession and shares your outlook and values.

Our outlook and values are evident in the careers we have carved out. Each of us worked for years in hands-on veterinary practice across a range of species, and indeed some of us continue to do so. At the same time we became increasingly involved in business development, originally in our own practices and later helping other practices to develop. We love seeing other people’s potential fulfilled and ambitions achieved.

And through all this we have maintained a range of interests linked to the profession, such as organising large international conferences, contributing to magazines, or working internationally on large scale preventative programmes.

We still have vast enthusiasm for our work. We bring that enthusiasm with us to our clients’ challenges and opportunities, and offer you the knowledge and insight we have developed over more than 100 years’ combined experience.