How to set fees

Do your fees reflect the costs of the work and treatment you provide? It’s important that they do.

The fees you charge for your veterinary services are the backbone of your business. Ensuring that your fees are an accurate reflection of the underlying cost of providing that service is very important.

Many practices have inherited their fees list from their predecessors and tinker with it occasionally, but a thorough fee review will help determine the correct and fair fees to charge. Fees should cover the cost of the investment you have made and equipment, facilities, services and clinical staff. 

We’ll help you answer questions like these:

  • How profitable is your work?
  • Does all work have the same profitability?
  • What is a fair margin and what is a fair mark up?
  • Should I be using margins or mark ups?
  • For small animal clients what is a justifiable fee?
  • How do I decide what the correct fees are to charge for a procedure?
  • How do we charge for work on the farm side?

We can help you set up your fee scales, and help with training staff in how to use fees and explain and justify them to the clients.

We can also help you review the risk to your practice from reduction or competition on medicine margins. Every practice should know what the likely impact would be if they were to lose a proportion of their sales or a proportion of the margins.