If a business improves 5% or 10% from last year you’ll probably be very happy, but this doesn’t really let you know where you are in comparison to where you perhaps should be. 

How do you compare to your peers? The answer is to benchmark your practice by doing the Anval practice survey.

The survey report will give you your performance in over 40 parameters, benchmarked against median results, and includes upper and lower quartile figures to show you the range for each factor analysed. Your report gives you a firm basis to take management decisions to improve the business and review your procedures and processes.

To take the survey please email us asking for a form to fill in, with instructions. Simply fill in the form, send it back to us and we'll get back to you with your report. This is free for SPVS and VPMA members for 2011/12 (normal cost £80 plus VAT).