Starting a practice

Launching your own practice is undoubtedly a challenging process, but it offers perhaps the best longer term rewards for those with the will and enthusiasm.

The clinical challenges will be plentiful, but before you get anywhere near that stage most people will need to source finance from banks or other lenders, and you’ll need to create an effective business plan if you’re to do so.

We can give you a great deal of help with this. We’ll help you build realistic profit and loss projections, capital budgets, cash flows and forecasts. It is important when looking for funding for practice owners to understand, and demonstrate knowledge of, the key drivers in your business plan. No one will want to lend you money if you’re vague about how you’re going to grow and succeed.

We can help in these financial projection aspects and also with the logistics of planning, marketing, promotion, set up and other key issues you will certainly need to consider. You’ll need to identify what services you can provide, what skills you have, what you may need to outsource, and how best to go about this.

It’s really important you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading before you start a practice. You need good advice now more than ever.