Managing the team

‘Your staff are your best asset.’ It’s often said but how often is it taken seriously? Neglect your team at your peril.

A good team delivers more than the sum of the individuals. But that doesn’t mean it’s always obvious how to manage a team well.

Most people just muddle through thinking they’re doing the best they can. But they almost certainly aren’t doing the best they can. It’s important to think carefully about how your team is working, how you’re interacting with them, and how you can make things better.

  • How do you go about creating a good, effective team?
  • How do you know how good your team is?
  • What motivates your team?
  • How can you motivate them more?
  • What are the motivational factors that apply across an entire veterinary team and how can these be aligned to get a unified best performance?

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