In many areas of veterinary practice there are potential economies of scale. Rather than slowly growing a business, merging with another practice is a quick way to gain these benefits. But both sides need a clear way of considering their options.

A larger business often offers interesting potential and additional buying power. If you’re looking for these things you may be considering a merger, or an acquisition. There is a big difference between the two, although sometimes what begins as a merger can develop into an acquisition.

Anval have developed a step stage process that allows practices, partners and owners to consider their options and obtain enough information to make an informed decision – but without compromising commercial confidences.

Are the ambitions of both parties equal or different? How do you divide ownership and responsibility? How do you make sure you don’t lose the things you value in your current set-up? Are you considering a long term arrangement, or a short term one, perhaps with retirement in the next year or two?