Incorporation or partnership...?

There are many ways to structure a veterinary practice, and they bring with them different benefits and disadvantages. If any of the following questions are going through your head, we can help you answer them.


  • Should we incorporate?
  • Should we become a limited liability partnership?
  • What will incorporation mean for us as a business and as owners on a day-to-day practical basis?
  • How do we actually incorporate?
  • How long will it take and what will it cost?
  • How does it affect work colleagues and staff?
  • How does it affect clients?
  • What changes are taking place regarding liabilities? 
  • How are these dealt with in the different business structures? 
  • What about joint ventures and franchises?

We’ll happily talk through any of these structural and planning issues and more, helping you get a clearer idea of the options available to you. The more you know about what you could do, the easier it becomes to decide what move to make and when.